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Our Hut Combo Pack designed to elevate your dining experience to new heights! These Packs are the perfect harmony of flavors, combining our signature burgers with delectable sides and refreshing beverages. We’ve carefully curated each combo to ensure an unforgettable feast that leaves you craving more.

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The ideal option for lunch or supper, the Nashville Meal includes a Nashville Burger, soft drinks, and French fries.

Anyone desiring a American-style lunch can choose the Classic Meal includes a Classic Burger, Soft Drinks, and French Fries.

For a quick and delicious meal, choose Jalapeno Meal which includes a Jalapeno Cargado Burger, Soft Drinks, and French Fries

If you want to satisfy your cravings, choose Sooner’s Onion Meal includes a Sooner’s Onion Burger, crispy French Fries and refreshing Soft Drinks